Madalyn Brook

  • Coaching since 1970
  • Members of Professional Skaters Association and United States Figure Skating Association
  • PSA rating held
  • Double Master Rated Coach in Moves in the Field and Group
  • Senior Ratings in Freestyle, Pairs and School Figures
  • Certified Rating Choreography & Style
  • Registered Rating in Ice Dancing
  • Former Gold Level Judge with the Ice a Skating Institute Association
  • USFS CER Level A, Safe Sport compliant, Insured
  • Teaching all ages
  • Beginners to Senior levels
  • I have had former students medaling at the Regionals, Sectionals and Nationals Freestyle, Moves In The Field, Pair, Ice Dance, Video analogy and Stationary Harness

Private Lessons: $20 for Twenty minutes although different length lessons also available
Currently accepting new students

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Lindsay Danner

Skating Director and Assistant Manager of Pepsi Ice Center. Lindsay has coached Learn to Skate classes and private lessons since 2006. Specializes in freestyle and moves in the field with gold medal ranking in Moves in the Field. Lindsay is a US Figure Skating certified coach for competitions and testing and she has her Basic Accreditation with Professional Skaters Association. Lindsay enjoys teaching all ages and skating levels!

Private Lessons: $22.00 per ½ hour
Currently NOT accepting new students

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Rachael Shropshire

I started skating at the age of 2, passed my senior moves in the field tests and competed nationally and internationally with theatre on ice. I have worked at the Pepsi ice center for 6 years. I have been coaching for 10 years. I currently coach moves in the field and freestyle. I serve as a co-coach of our Connection theatre on ice team. I love sharing my love of figure skating with all who want to learn!

Private Lessons: $20.00 per ½ hour
Currently NOT accepting new students

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Myesha Choudhury

I am eighteen years old and an active competitive figure skater. I have competed extensively in both the 6.0 system and IJS branches of US Figure Skating at the non-qualifying and qualifying level competitions. I have passed tests in all four disciplines (Moves in the field, Free Style, Pairs, and Dance) of US Figure Skating. I have volunteered and coached for the Learn to Skate Classes since I was 12 years old. I have been coaching on an individual basis for two years. I have completed my CER-B (continuing education requirements) from the US Figure Skating through the Professional Skaters Association. I can teach any disciplines of figure skating and advance a skater either on a competitive or a recreational level.

Private Lessons: $30 per hour (20-30 min lessons)
Currently accepting new students

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Sarah Loewy

Sarah started skating later than most in her life, at the age 12 in Pekin and completely fell in love with the sport! Ever since she’s worked hard in continuing her education for herself and for her students. Sarah has done synchronized skating, ice dancing, and solo skating throughout her skating career and wants to teach others what she knows. Sarah is a left-handed skater, one of only a few at the rink! She loves working with kids of all ages and levels but currently works with mostly basic skill leveled students. Sarah has completed her Preliminary Freestyle and Moves in the Field tests but is determined to continue with her testing both for solo and, maybe one day, ice dance. 

Private Lessons: $18 per ½ hour
Currently accepting new students

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Teia Hamilton

Teia has skated for the past 12 years. She has competed under ISI and USFSA synchronized and solo skating competitions. She has personally tested up to the preliminary level with USFSA and she loves working with kids. She has been a volunteer instructor with LTS since she was 12 years old and took on an official role at 16. She has great patience with children and loves to motivate kids.

Private Lessons: $18 per ½ hour
Currently accepting new students

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