Events Registration

The following events held by CIFSC are currently open for registration:

Test Session (Entryeeze)

Summer's Last Hurrah (Entryeeze)

Club Membership

Register/Renew Club Membership

To skate with CIFSC, including Theatre on Ice, private lessons and competitions, you must be a member of U.S. Figure Skating and a club member. There are two kinds of club membership: Junior Academy Membership, also known as JAM, or a full club membership. Most beginning skaters will find a JAM membership appropriate - see below for more information.

Which Club Membership Should I Choose?

Junior Academy Membership (JAM)

Officially known as Learn to Skate USA, this type of membership to USFS is offered either through a rink or under the umbrella of a USFS Club. At our rink, this is offered under the umbrella of CIFSC and known as Junior Academy Member (JAM) membership.

JAM Membership Includes:

  • A progress tracking booklet and sport accident insurance  
  • Ability to compete at basic skills level competitions
  • Participation in CIFSC sponsored events and use club ice.
  • Note: JAM Membership does not allow eligibility for USFS Testing

USFS Membership

The following 3 types of membership are offered by USFS through a local club such as CIFSC. 

USFS Full Membership Includes:

  • Certificates of accomplishment for passing proficiency tests and placing at U.S. Figure Skating qualifying events 
  • Ability to participate in all USFS sanctioned club sponsored events
  • Test, compete in main stream competitions, use club ice, and vote for club elections (18 years or older)
  • Sport accident insurance
  • Note: A parent/guardian is required to be a member for a skater younger than 18 years and is called a subsequent member. 

USFS Introductory Membership:

USFS offers a one-time first year “introductory” club membership at a reduced cost to help families learn about USFS. It includes the same rights and privileges as USFS Full Membership.

USFS Collegiate Membership:

This is a once in a lifetime four-year full membership at a reduced rate for college-aged members. It includes the same rights and privileges as USFS Full Membership.